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"We promise that every single product that you buy from JOUNE is 100% natural and 100% pure. No exceptions. Ever."

We are always transparent about our ingredients and we offer our clients only the very best natural remedies.


Who We Are

JOUNE is committed to giving you the best of the best natural remedies in South Africa.  All natural remedies were not created equal, and unfortunately a lot of damage has been done to the reputation of these products due to unscrupulous people only concerned about making money, and not about being transparent about their products and what it's made of.

JOUNE is different.  We are committed to offering you superior products, transparency and more importantly, an answer to your quest for finding an alternative that is natural, healing and sustainable.

JOUNE is giving consumers the choice, voice and access to products that are ethically sourced and made. You will be able to use the healing wonder of quality broad-spectrum oil to not only to assist with relieving symptoms from the inside, but also from the outside.

How do we envision the world will be different now that JOUNE is in it? People will have the opportunity to experience the goodness, and only the goodness of top quality products, with no shortcuts taken like offering bulk body care products and rebranding and relabelling them as 'natural' without full disclosure of what those products really contain. No empty promises. No lies. You will have a product in your hand that has been uniquely made, from 'scratch' with every single natural, cruelty-free ingredient documented and disclosed, WITH third party laboratory results!


Our Promise To You

Whenever a client buys or uses a JOUNE product, they can be assured that that product was made ethically, with integrity and purity. That is 100% what the products represent and what we intend for JOUNE to be to the rest of South Africa for many, many years to come.  


Because of JOUNE, there is now a company in the playing field that is transparent, honest and accountable for every single drop of content in their products 


We want to challenge consumers to find out what is in the products they use. We want them to ask the hard questions before they make a purchase. Where other companies will give you the run-around when you ask these hard questions, that will not be the case with us.


We will be better. Because after working in and with the industry, its clients and our competitors, we know exactly what not to do!

We promise that every single product that you buy from JOUNE is 100% natural and 100% pure. No exceptions. Ever.

The story of JOUNE

Joune Wellness

Joune’ is a well-known Afrikaans word that means ‘yours’ in English. The founder of JOUNE wanted her brand to have a unique name that is instantly recognisable and that will be different from the other natural remedy companies in South Africa. We believe JOUNE is exactly that! 

The three-leaf graphic in the logo is the ‘Ruderalis’ leaf.   Compared to the other Sativa and Indica leaves, Ruderalis is the shortest leaf and does not possess any of the qualities of Sativa or Indica. As such, most people dismiss it as being useless to both the recreational and medical users’ community.

HOWEVER:  For breeders, Ruderalis is a very valuable plant for two reasons. One is that they use it to develop new hybrids that contain both the Sativa and Indica genetics. Another is that they could also produce auto-flowering seeds – its native trait.

So even though the Ruderalis may be regarded as insignificant by some, it’s far more valuable than meets the eye!

The 3 leaves also represent the founder’s faith, her 3 children on earth, as well as her favourite number!

Biodegradable Packaging

Every JOUNE product is packaged in a biodegradable nonwoven, eco-friendly seedling planting bag. This environmentally friendly bag is breathable and biodegradable, to prevent entangling roots and to protect against surrounding decaying roots.  

It has good air and water permeability, so water and nutrients can penetrate naturally.  This ensures that the roots will not rot, and the plants will grow better.  Use yours to plant seeds of your favourite herbs, and remember JOUNE when you see them grow!