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This revolutionary antibacterial and anti-inflammatory anti-acne oil serum, calms skin irritation and kills bacteria.

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Calm skin anti-acne oil serum is a revolutionary antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oil serum, calms skin irritation and kills bacteria. Perfect for problem skin, especially in teenagers, it may prevent and heal acne breakouts and detoxify acne-prone skin. The unique blend of botanical and pure essential oils, together with the Grapeseed carrier oil, work synergistically to aid in fighting acne, pimples, skin rashes and other skin problems.

Why choose JOUNE Jonk:
  • No added preservatives
  • Ethically sourced
  • Cruelty-free
  • Palm oil free
  • Free from alcohol
  • Free from additives
  • 100% natural
  • 100% organic
  • Suitable for vegans & strict vegetarians
  • Grapeseed Carrier Oil: Because of the proven antimicrobial properties of grapeseed oil, it aids in treating acne outbreaks and makes it the perfect carrier oil for this product.
  • Lavender: Unclogs pores and reduces inflammation.
  • Rosemary: In lab tests, rosemary essential oil destroys acne-causing bacteria P. acnes, damaging the bacteria’s cell walls and ultimately killing the bacterial cells themselves. In addition to its antibacterial properties, rosemary can also be used to decrease redness and puffiness, which is helpful when treating cystic acne.
  • Tea tree oil: This essential oil is known to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. As such, it can help reduce the inflammation associated with acne and prevent acne.
  • Lemon oil: Used for a variety of skin conditions, including acne, lemon essential oil can kill bacteria that may get trapped in pores and cause breakouts. It can also clarify your skin, gently exfoliating dead skin cells that so often become trapped in hair follicles and pores. It may also help to even out skin tone, lighten dark spots and rejuvenate tired-looking skin.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD:  May help reduce various types of acne, thanks to its ability to adjust how the body produces sebum. Sebum is a waxy, oily substance produced by the skin. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

Directions For Use: 

Use the anti-acne oil serum on clean skin and without adding any other products afterwards.  This is a concentrated formula, and as such, you only need to use very little of the serum. Gently dab the product on problem areas, making sure not to use it too close to the eye area. Allow some time for the product to be absorbed by the skin before going to sleep.

Use of lemon oil can make your skin more sensitive towards UV rays, so we recommend that you use this anti-acne serum in the evenings before bedtime.